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I used to think that it is harder to become famous now because there are billions more people in the world. But if you look at old art, it’s not in a museum because it was all the world had to display, its there because the quality is so superior, that it triumphs that which we see even now. There is no excuse, only reasons to try harder.

Staking the Claim

As the Studio Research class comes to an end, the career of our territory is reaching its peak. Details have been collected, explored, expanded upon, altered, and revisited. the perception of our territory has been forever changed. What seemed like an average campus has quickly turned into a blank canvas ready for intervention and interpretation. Our group’s flag embodies the elements of not only our territory’s details, but the development of our territory through research and blog posts. With this symbol of our territory, we expanded outwards through the campus to spread this influence to others, but not directly tell them what it means, just as we had to find out on our own what the territories meant, and what details were waiting to be discovered.

via Staking the Claim

More Real Than Real

How do you go about making something more legitimate than the state it already exists in? The addition of a narrative and the creation of a story for every detail involved is what gives something an undeniable reality of being. Our groups installation was composed of many seemingly unrelated aspects such as fruit, deer costumes, trees, and letters from mailboxes. These items are all connected through their interaction with each other in the narrative performance that took place at the pseudo Powell Center.


Into the Future

Its hard to predict exactly what the future entails for the Powell Center. However, the following images are a prediction of whats a possibility. Ranging from the cafe, to the mail room, Powell will contain a magnitude of changes in the years to come. The symbol of future Powell encompasses the hectic yet beautiful and natural ways of the building in the uncertain amount of time between now and the unknown.